AvoHealth Avocado Oil
Est. 1999
Extra Virgin, Refined + Unrefined Avocado Oil

Our Story

Originally, Andrew & Jude Logan wanted to make the healthiest fruit oil in the world from their orchard in New Zealand. So, back in 1999, we decided to work with avocado and pioneer cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

Andrew’s business degree and Masters in Science along with many years working internationally have been great building blocks for growing the company and product development. His involvement in the avocado industry started when he returned from Europe and settled back in New Zealand to develop an olive & avocado orchard.

AvoHealth remains a small family business with each family member contributing specialist skills. Having excellent networks, allows us to assemble expert teams to deliver results according to the scale and requirements of each project, in any part of the world. It’s the ultimate, and most flexible, way to work and creates the opportunity to deliver tailored solutions in an affordable manner!

“We’re still proud of our innovative approach. It reflects our New Zealand heritage and our commitment to natural, healthy, products that boost your well being”.

Healthy Oils About

On time off, Andrew enjoys good food and NZ wine with friends, surfing on a wave kayak and travel off-the-beaten-track with his family.

Since those pioneer days, we have developed an extensive portfolio of avocado research and product development including our own cold-press technologies. Now we work globally to bring you fresh avocado and natural, healthy, smart, avocado based products.

AvoHealth offers advisory services to assist others in the industry make healthy oil, with our leading edge technology and knowledge. To help protect industry and consumer standards, we are working to establish an Avocado Oil Quality Council. We designed, commissioned and set the operating protocols in a very high-tech avocado oil plant for a major avocado grower in Jalisco, Mexico.

AvoHealth advised on a plant in Kenya, which commenced production in April 2016.

We welcome inquiry about the avocado oil industry from all corners of the world.  In 2017 we are actively working with new production plants in America and several countries in Africa.

AvoHealth currently supplies Extra Virgin Avocado Oil from Mexico, New Zealand, Kenya & California USA. We also supply Refined Avocado Oil and Organic Avocado Oil.

In September 2017 we start supplying Bulk Unrefined Avocado Oil, pressed in Mexico.


Andrew & Jude Logan (and daughters) plan an avocado orchard & boutique olive grove, to cold-press Extra Virgin Olive Oil in New Zealand.

Andrew researches the possibility of applying similar Extra Virgin standards to pressing avocado.

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is born! Andrew starts pressing Extra Virgin Avocado Oil on a small, commercial basis in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Much later we discover this is a world first and we are 'accidental inventors'.

Andrew leads a team to establish a much larger Extra Virgin Avocado Oil producer in Tauranga.

Andrew begins regular visits to Mexico, the home of Hass Avocado, to appraise the benefits of producing there.
Avocado Health Limited is incorporated & the AvoHealth brand is launched.

Over the next years we become avocado oil experts; often supported by robust research from the best oil specialists, researchers and universities. AvoHealth consults globally, including many trips to Mexico to assist existing manufacturers and potential start-ups.

At the same time, we develop/improve technologies and processing protocols to press avocado oil more efficiently.

Enter a Joint Venture with a prominent and well respected family of avocado growers in Mexico to commission a large Avocado Oil plant, using our latest technologies, and advise on international market development.

After a soft opening, the new plant became fully operational in 2014

Healthy Oils Limited is created to offer a wider range of branded and private label oil products, with special health attributes.

Andrew & Jude create the Mexican Kitchen; a contemporary, fun brand to distribute a range of Mexico's finest high quality, natural whole-foods; including avocado oil.

Advise on a new plant in Kenya.

The AvoHealth brand is re-launched.

Current availability - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil:
• USA, Mexico, Kenya & NZ - excellent supply.
• Refined Avocado Oil from California.

We press Extra Virgin with the highest quality fresh avocado in every part of the world.

In 2016 our focus is to supply packaged & bulk product to wholesale or retail food distributors and manufacturers.

The world needs more avocado oil plants, so we’re always assisting new investors to enter this industry!!