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The amazing health benefits of avocado and six delicious ways to eat it

Healthy Avocado The avocado is a familiar fruit to most of us these days and is commonly consumed by people in many countries, but because of that ..

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Avocados can reduce the risk of heart disease, study finds

Reduce Heart Disease Risk (NaturalNews) It's not difficult to find research exposing the many health benefits of avocados. Studies show that these ..

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Australians Aghast At National Avocado Shortage

Low Avocado Supply! There's a dietary disaster developing down under: Australia is running low on avocados. Demand for avocados has been rising ..

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Avocado prices, demand put pressure on Australian cafes and restaurants

Rising Avocado Prices Cafes around Australia are starting to feel the pressure of the rising avocado prices — a fruit that is a staple on breakfast..

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Avocado industry hits back at claims of price manipulation

Avocado Price Manipulation? As the price of avocados climbs higher, the peak industry body has described claims that Western Australian growers are t..

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Farmers blamed for avocado shortage

  Avocado Shortage! Growers have slammed suggestions of an avocado conspiracy theory that has led to a national avocado shortage. Fairfax..

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