28 October 2020, Avocado Health

Control mosquitoes with crushed Avocado seeds

How to stop mosquitoes? A Crushed Avocado Seed Solution.
It’s time to share this idea with our Avocado Oil community.

This simple ‘out-of-the-box’ idea will not cost anything for an Avocado Oil company. An AvoHealth production line has a machine to remove Avocado Stones and a Hammer Mill. 

So it’s very easy to:

  1. Crush avocado stones/seeds/pits in your Hammer Mill.
  2. Place in containers, perhaps 1,200mm apart, around the area you wish to protect; perhaps your home, or factory.
  3. Report back. Tell me if you are less affected by mosquitoes & other invasive insects.

With an Italian colleague, I once helped an Avocado oil factory in Burundi, East Africa – a high risk malaria area. They were removing avocado seeds by hand, before making their oil.

We had a comprehensive collection of Mosquito Repellents between us. Our hosts said not to worry about mosquitoes, so long as we didn’t step outside their property, protected by rectangular, flowerpots filled with crushed avocado seeds.

Their idea worked perfectly!!

Just 100 meters down the road, where the village kids were playing football, we needed the very best mosquito protection products.

If this diagram is an ‘average’  avocado, then a production line processing 5,000 kgs of fresh, ripe avocado per hour might easily generate 1,000 kgs of seed; …… which might control lots of mosquitoes!!