AvoHealthAvocado Oil Specialists

We provide Advisory Services and supply a full range of Avocado Oil products all over the world.

  1. Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
  2. Refined Avocado Oil – RBD & RBDW
  3. Bulk Unrefined CRUDE (raw) Avocado Oil
    Significant new supplies are available as new production facilities continue to open.
  4. Organic Extra Virgin & Refined Avocado Oil
    Very limited supplies.

To provide optimum prices, and the best logistics to meet your requirements, we may ship from East Africa, Mexico, USA or New Zealand.

  • Bulk Avocado Oil is shipped in 1,040 liter IBC’s/Totes or 24,000 liter Flexitanks. Use as a food ingredient, nutraceutical or cosmetic ingredient.
  • Retail Avocado Oil – packed to your requirements
    • Your Private Label, or
    • AvoHealth brand

Typically we supply retail Supermarket chains, & distributors of Natural and/or Gourmet Foods. As well as glass bottles, we can also offer a Hi-Tech plastic packaging designed for on-line retail (e.g. Amazon).

Andrew Logan & Phillip Jode – AvoHealth Technical Manager

Personal service, best prices and the highest quality Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is a Functional Food, made from the healthiest fruit on earth. This new generation Super-Food provides additional health benefits and anti-oxidant activity in the fights against obesity, heart disease, dementia, blindness, skincare and a range of cancers. Read more about the amazing health benefits of AvoHealth Avocado Oil.

AvoHealth provides advice on every aspect of the avocado oil business; from feasibility studies to the Agri-Tech processing technology required, to developing product packaging & branding to meet your target markets.

We advise on the optimum production machinery and plant design, to maximize oil quality & yields.

  • New production plants are in constant planning and development.
  • Each new production facility improves our supply of ‘clean label’, minimally processed, finest quality Avocado Oil.
ripe avocado

Avocado Health Limited, the company behind AvoHealth, is incorporated in New Zealand.  We receive a regular inquiry for assistance on new Avocado Oil Production Projects from Mexico & South America. Currently, we are working on NEW projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda & Rwanda.  

On behalf of our clients, we seek new investors. AvoHealth helps minimize any ‘investment risk’ by contracting to distribute all avocado oil from a new production company.

A new factory in Ethiopia commenced production in 2019 processing 5,000 kgs of fresh avocado per hour.  Other new production lines are opening soon in other parts of East Africa:

  • A very small Extra Virgin line opens in November 2019, depending on the availability of suitable avocado.
  • A medium-size line is expected to commence in April 2020.
  • A large Crude Avocado Oil line is expected to commence in April 2020.