product extra virgin avocado oil

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is still the “new-kid-on-the-block” in the oils market; the ‘good oil’ – a natural, new generation super-food, for great taste & healthy living, Mediterranean style.

  • Each avocado is hand-picked, then perfectly ripened.
  • Just like a fresh fruit salad, our ‘secret’ is to use the highest quality fresh fruit.
  • On process day, we wash each avocado then remove, (discard), the skin & pit.
  • We only press the ‘flesh’ of the avocado – the part you eat.
  • To preserve all nutrients we process at temperatures similar to an avocado orchard; we call this ‘low temperature’ or ‘cold-pressing’.
  • Our process preserves Vitamin E antioxidants, 15 important plant sterols & high levels of natural Carotenoids.
  • It takes about 60 minutes to process fresh avocado into Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

Each AvoHealth product has a ‘clean’ label. There are no artificial preservatives, no chemicals and no trick manufacturing.  Of course, it’s GMO-free. No cholesterol, no carbohydrates and zero transfats. Every product is gluten-free, dairy-free, sodium-free and has no added sugar. We serve consumers who want minimally processed, natural foods with natural flavors.  Ongoing Scientific Research: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

  • Proven to lower cholesterol levels & considered to reduce heart attack risk.
  • Considered to benefit breast & colon cancers. Slows the progression of prostate cancer
  • Provides a portfolio of Eye Health benefits
  • Dramatically increases absorption of nutrients from fresh fruit, salads & vegetables … thus making them all much healthier

Food-lovers, chefs and gourmets use avocado oil because the soft nutty taste, and mild avocado aroma, do not overpower other foods. With a deep emerald-green color, it’s an integral part of a Mediterranean style diet. Ideally suited for constant use in the kitchen. Prepare salad dressings and marinades. Or roast – sear – sauté – drizzle – grill – fry – BBQ, at any temperature up to 480˚F or 250˚C.

“We consider AvoHealth Extra Virgin Avocado Oil ‘outclasses’ the very best olive oils anywhere in the world, on virtually every attribute by which a cold-pressed, extra virgin, natural, oil is judged.”

Commercial Orders – avocado oil cold-pressed, to our specifications in East Africa, Mexico, USA & New Zealand

Refined Avocado Oil – either RBD or RBDW.

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

Our favored forms of bulk packaging include:

  • Flexitanks     (21,936 kgs or 48,360 lbs approx).
  • Totes / IBC’s     (948 kgs or 2,090lbs approx).
  • Retail Bottles – options vary by country.  Email for details.  For example:

From California, USA:

250 ml square glass bottle 12 bottles
per case
136 cases
per pallet
minimum order
2 pallets
500 ml square glass bottle 12 bottles
per case
112 cases
per pallet
minimum order
2 pallets

From Mexico:

250 ml round glass bottle 24 bottles
per case
64 cases
per pallet
minimum order
2 pallets


100% Pure Avocado Oil

100% Pure Avocado Oil is a careful blend of Extra Virgin and Refined (Virgin) Avocado Oil.

And it’s still an inviting green color.

The avocado are still hand-picked, carefully ripened, and pressed at low temperatures.

  • We refine our Virgin Avocado Oil to maintain the same healthy fat profile, without any taste or smell.
  • It can be heated to even higher temperatures before it reaches smoke-point.
  • 100% Pure Avocado Oil is much more stable than Extra Virgin.
product avocado oil with citron

Au Citron Extra Virgin Lemon Avocado Oil

Lemon Avocado Oil: With an enticing lemon zing, (taste sensation), this is the perfect oil for great taste and healthy living; a truly exquisite, extra virgin, culinary sensation.

We prepare this oil by pressing fresh lemons and fresh avocado, at the same time.

Lemon Avocado Oil ‘Au Citron’ is a very healthy addition to any balanced diet

  • As a ‘salad dressing’ it stands alone, with nothing else required
  • Cooking fish with Avocado Au Citron is simply sensational
  • Great with chicken, smoothies, vegetables and desserts
250ml glass bottle 24 bottles
per case
64 cases
per pallet
minimum order
2 pallets

avocado BBQ oil

BBQ & Grill Gourmet – Avocado Cooking Oil

The perfect cooking oil for your kitchen and BBQ.

With a mild taste and the healthy properties of fresh avocado, this oil is designed for high temperature cooking up to 480°F or 250°C.

  • Low-temperature-pressed from hand-picked avocado, 100% Pure Avocado Oil (see below) is a blend of Extra Virgin & Refined Avocado Oil.
  • Zero carbohydrates, Zero Cholesterol, full of micro-nutrients & the ‘good fats’.
BBQ – Grill – Roast – Sauté – Sear – Fry

Available in: larger size bottles or Restaurant Catering Packs or 1,000 litre Totes.
Minimum order: 1,000 litres

Avocado Oil Flavors

We can create any flavor avocado oil – here are examples of other flavors we’ve previously developed.

  • 100% natural & extra virgin
  • Cold-pressed from hand-picked avocado
product italian drizzle flavoured avocado oil

Flavors of Italy Avocado Oil

A healthy, full flavored, taste sensation brings the tastes of Italy to enhance a healthy Mediterranean Diet.

– Drizzle over pasta, pizza, fish or fresh vegetables
– Ideal in salad dressings or marinades
– Slow roasted tomatoes or baked potatoes
– Bread dipping.

We blend the flavors of lemon, thyme & rosemary with Avocado Oil.

Available in a range of bottle sizes.
Minimum order – please discuss.

product flavours of india flavoured avocado oil

Flavors of India Avocado Oil

This UNIQUE and perfect condiment for Indian Foods has delicate flavors of chili, coriander, ginger and lime.

  • Fantastic for parties and entertaining because it is neither hot, nor spicy
  • Completely natural
  • No artificial additives
  • Dip naan bread or roti
  • A great flavor boost for rice
  • Drizzle over vegetables, dhal & curries

We believe you won’t find a product like this anywhere in the world!

Available in a range of bottle sizes.
Minimum order – please discuss.

product balsamic split flavoured avocado oil

Mex Chili Avocado Oil

Mex Chili Avocado Oil is full of excitement, flavor & chili.

Mexican Flavored Avocado Oil is described as “hot & with an intense flavor profile”, you’ll soon work out what we mean!! This is the perfect partner to create all spicy foods, including marinades, dressings and dipping sauces.

Available in a range of bottle sizes.
Minimum order – please discuss.