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Andrew Logan

WhatsApp / WeChat / Phone:  +64 21 428 645  – New Zealand

Internet Phone:  +1 (805) 419 3970 – California, USA

Skype:   andrewlogan

Email or WhatsApp Message are the best ways to contact us.

We are a New Zealand company, but often work from London, UK.

Contact AvoHealth today for global supply of Packaged or Bulk Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Also Refined and Crude Avocado Oil supplies.

Seek expert Advice on cold-pressing avocado oil. Learn more about this great tasting Superfood!

How much to order?

Healthy U.S. Style Eating Pattern recommends +/- 5 teaspoons of oil, with 2,000 calories of high quality, healthy food per day.

That’s 250ml (8.5oz) bottle, of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil per person, every 8-9 days.  And, most of us eat more than 2,000 calories!